We aim to lift our common European potential to advance the green transition. But how? Trust, leadership, and innovation do not fall from the sky. Hence we convene, engage and support global and local C-level actors, seniors and learners, creators with power– and those with ideas. 

We boost leaders to act across sectors and silos, and between capitals and the field.

What if the green transition’s success depends on the What, the Who, and the How? What if we invest resources in big dialogue — rather than big data? What if we lift new nodes and networks — rather than silos and sectors? To foster public-private action, we bring realists and idealists, CEOs and civil society leaders, presidents and pupils in one room. 

WE advise

  • multi-disciplinary strategy consultancy
  • systemic foresight
  • visioning and backcasting
  • design thinking
  • risk management
  • framing and positioning

we implement

  • premium project development
  • end-to-end project oversight
  • project governance
    in the following fields:
  • international relations and diplomacy
  • Europe at home and in the world

we communicate

  • outreach and public affairs across the board
  • editorial and social media
  • multimedia, all target groups
  • formats of civic education
  • English and German

we research

  • qualitative empirical research
  • feasibility studies
  • focus group and interview work
  • field studies
  • deep immersion
  • evaluation

We apply our bespoke toolbox

our portfolio


We work on the European dimension of Nuremberg’s bid to become a 2025 European Capital of Culture.


We developed the concept for a top-notch series on ethics, intended for the 100th edition of the Salzburg Festival.



We work on European civic education and in general the EU-citizen interface with Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education’ NECE group, “networking European citizenship education”, in Europe’s People’s Forum, and other think tanks and organisations.


In 2019, Verena Ringler proposed the dossier of an EU Citizen Commissioner and was publicly proposed as candidate for Austrian EU Commissioner.



We curated and led the ERSTE Foundation 2019 Tipping Point Talks, with Marietje Schaake, Francis Fukuyama, Felwine Sarr, and Timothy Snyder. In addition to four public stage events, this meant convening hundreds of pioneers, activists, journalists, and experts in our Think Camps, seminars, briefings, and thematic dinners. Outreach includes two bi-lingual thematic books.

Erste Stiftung


We worked with United Europe, on the business world’s potential and contribution towards the European idea in 2019, conducting a range of in-depth interviews and synthesizing this in a Gallery Walk and a strategy session in Berlin.


Previous and Other Projects with: